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iPhone/iPod Touch 1.1.2 hacked – before it is released. Or is it..?

November 9, 2007

The title says it all. Before Apple has even started shipping the updated 1.1.2 firmware, it seems some people have been able to unlock (=Jailbreak) it. Kudos to these people, but I just can’t help wondering how long Apple will be able to keep this game running. Eventually they must (??) understand that keeping the platform too locked down is generating significant badwill. And with something like 25% of all iPhones being unlocked, why not just accept the fact that people want to install their own apps?

True, there is an SDK coming that will allow for third party, native apps.
The answer probably lies in the fact that Apple gets a piece of the revenue generated by AT&T and other carriers offering the iPhone. Recent numbers indicate that Apple gets USD 18/month from AT&T for each iPhone user in the US!! With 1+ million iPhones sold in US alone (probably 1.25 by now?), and 200k estimated before end of year in UK, this is big money for Apple. Even if they wanted to open up the platform for third party apps, the operators wouldn’t like that and Apple would loose some significant, low-risk revenue.

Finally: The image showing an unlocked 1.1.2 also shows 14 GB memory – but the iPhone comes in a maximum of 8 GB, to my knowledge. So this may very well be a Photoshop job. Still, it is probably just a matter of days before the real 1.1.2 firmware is hacked.

[Edit: Now that was a very late night post done by a brain which had already called it a day…. as some people correctly pointed out, the image clearly says it is an iPod Touch. Which comes in 16GB version. My mistake – me bad]


iPod Touch = Sysadmin console deluxe

November 8, 2007

I just love the iPod Touch. Very, very sexy device. It gets a firmer and firmer grip on me by each passing day…

I realized something neat the other day. After unlocking it at I installed various apps, including the BSD subsystem and a VT100 terminal emulator. When traveling out of town during the last few days, I decided to try the new SSH server I had set up at a computer at home, to allow for some remote backups and admin.

And it worked just like expected: After starting the VT100 terminal it was simply a matter of typing “SSH”, enter the credentials and I was in. Very cool, I could do everything I could do while at my desk at home.

It’s only a matter of time before sys admins and network engineers are running around with shiny iPod Touches as their main work tool while on a service mission… Seriously, could very well work as a compliment for them, especially considering many of the usual, very powerful Linux tools are available.