iPod Touch = Sysadmin console deluxe

I just love the iPod Touch. Very, very sexy device. It gets a firmer and firmer grip on me by each passing day…

I realized something neat the other day. After unlocking it at jailbreakme.com I installed various apps, including the BSD subsystem and a VT100 terminal emulator. When traveling out of town during the last few days, I decided to try the new SSH server I had set up at a computer at home, to allow for some remote backups and admin.

And it worked just like expected: After starting the VT100 terminal it was simply a matter of typing “SSH computer.my.domain”, enter the credentials and I was in. Very cool, I could do everything I could do while at my desk at home.

It’s only a matter of time before sys admins and network engineers are running around with shiny iPod Touches as their main work tool while on a service mission… Seriously, could very well work as a compliment for them, especially considering many of the usual, very powerful Linux tools are available.


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